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Blacks actual advert when I brought him in 1998


My journey to having a full size replica started in 1998. Having seen this advert in the local trade magazine I went to see the car.Never having seen a full size Pontiac Firebird in real life. I was amazed by the beauty and  lovely lines the car had as well as the huge size it was. I had a test drive round the local area. Never having driven left hand drive before it was nerve racking , and in an area I did not know. Anyway  I made it back to the guys house  had one more final look and said I would need to  talk to hubby .

Hubby wasnt sure I could drive left hand ( men eh)  We had the local AA to a survey on the car, they recomended a few things to be done.  Nothing serious so a time was arranged to collect and pay for the car.  

 I remember that very weekend  I got him, My husband  drove him as he had driven left hand allot, I drove behind  still in amazement I actually owned him spending more time watching the *Black*   than the rd.  We got home safe.

The following weeks were spent getting used to driving left hand with a friend in passenger seat warning me when I drifted over, gradually going on longer journeys getting more and more confident.

I did have mechanical problems along the way some £££££ some not   took him to the UK's  Biggest shows  that year.